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We Are On A Mission

About Us

The V Solutions Philosophy

V Solutions was established in 2018 by Mr NG Vilakazi, and we believe now, as we always have, in using our business ethos and skills in a do no harm approach.

We know that there is no fiscal or other value that can replace a human life, and we fiercely protect the safety and well being of everyone we work with. Every employee, sub-contractor, client, partner, and even the greater communities we operate within holds importance and significance to us.

In addition to the value of individual life, we also value and protect the environment in which we work by respecting the need to nurture and work without harming the environment.

This means that we do our utmost best to minimise or eliminate the risk to human life, business, and the environment as part and parcel of our daily or normal operations.

We Value Quality

Strict in-house quality management systems have been applied across the board, from the microenvironment of the construction worker to the macro environment of general plant hire or construction site management.

We are continuously investigating methods of improvement for all our business facets, from project management to equipment hire. There is no area of our company that is not evaluated to ensure that it is compliant with all relevant legislation and industry standards.

We work strictly according to the parameters as set out in the OHS Act, MHS Act and all other associated legislation. More than this, our company is a 100% black-owned and B-BBEE Level 1 EME.

At V Solutions, we will always work to create an injury-free, healthy environment for all parties. We will achieve our objectives in partnership with our network of expert professionals as well as our clients. Together we can achieve excellence driven by passion and expert insight.

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